Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just Wok Away

Just Wok away......

Went in to Fred Meyer a short time ago, to pick up a "couple items "in the grocery department and fell into the very effective web of the "One stop shop!" You have  bananas, chicken and yogurt  in your cart, and the next thing you know you have bought a shovel, slug bait and are trying on a new sports bra!

This particular day I found that the FM spell had been cast and I seriously thought to myself..I need a new WOK! Yes I do! I cruised quietly along with my cart from the produce Department somehow  dropping a few other items in I did not need, and arrived at my destination. There were more than a few to choose from, which of course was going to make this challenging..14 inch? 18 inch? One handle? Two handles?  Hmmm.. so much to consider...I just want to Stir fry some chicken..but  to be a wise shopper I figured I better play the wise shopper game and check out all my options.

 Now I'm realizing that somebody tall must have put together this display which had them hanging from six different hooks, and realized a little too late as I stood on the bottom shelves to reach  one.."Wow..they really crammed too many on here" Before I could say Holy Kikoman it was raining Woks! The 18" tumbled down first, hitting me right on the side of my head being followed by the 14" which repeated the dent! They were falling all around me with the very loud clanging and banging (or was that just my head?) with the whole episode ending with me holding one to my  noggin as if it were a helmet ( a little late, but hey, I tried) and the two handled one spinning  madly  in the center of the isle for a grand finale. I'm sure this all happened in a matter of 6 seconds, but it seemed much longer, AND in slow motion.

For a second or two there was silence, then I hear feet pounding the concrete as people come running to see if there are any survivors. I of course tell them all "No, no, I'm alright, I"m sure I'll be fine.." and "No, I don't want to file a claim" (Frankly, I'd just to get out of here..I'm thinking..) As everyone is assisting in picking up the scattered Woks, I decide to just "choose" the one that so conveniently landed in my cart, but as I leave the scene of attack, I realize said Wok in Cart now has a dent! Well!!  We cant have that! I pick out another and get the heck out of Dodge! ( as my dad used to say)

    When I get out to the car I allow myself to say OWWWWW! Man! That hurt! I look in the mirror and see that I have a large purple Goose egg growing near my temple! Oh good! Lasting proof of my exciting adventure in isle twelve! Did it knock any sense into me??..uhh no. I pick up my phone and call my friend Judy...she is gonna laugh when she hears this one!
What's on YOUR list today?

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