First, let me just say...I am a visual person.

When I plant my garden, I visualize what it will look like in June, July and how I can work the colors chosen into an autumn theme come September. When I do an event design, I visualize it for when the event begins, to how the light will change the mood as the evening goes on (more later). When John and I had our three children, I visualized what the future would look like.

We would live in a wonderful old Farm House with a big porch, a couple acres with  a creek winding its way through, a large well tended vegetable garden, with flower gardens everywhere, a huge pumpkin patch, a clothes line with sheets flapping in the breeze, chickens scratching in the sun, and a rusty old swing set with my kids hanging all over it, in their cut offs with dirty feet, missing tooth grins outlined with  various popsicles colors. When they grew up, moved out got married... Every Sunday, they would come for dinner and enjoying the peaceful bliss of Home. When the grandkids came along, (and they have!!... more later..) They would romp on the farm on the weekends, roast marshmallows over the campfire, and sleep in their Mom and Dads old rooms, complete with stuffed animals, grade school artwork on the walls, and blankets worn from being loved to near see through, by said mom or dad. Waking up to Blueberry pancakes and early morning tomato picking, gathering eggs from the chickens, or pollywog catching...

Fast Forward, say about 25 years... My children all live in the Seattle area (more later) LOVE their Urban/Big City lifestyles, they do NOT like dirty feet or walking into dew covered morning spider webs, and I'm pretty sure standing ankle deep in frog eggs in a pond, with fat slimy pollywogs squirming in their hands is NOT their idea of a good time....

Me? Nine months ago my husband and I moved to Eagle Idaho for his career. My whole family is now in another state, and I… have gone through a season of "dis-placed homemaker syndrome!

In the meantime, I have spent quite a few hours feeling sorry for myself, but knowing, KNOWING God has a plan for me, "my path." I can only assume my path journey is in its third season, being how I'm 58 years old, lets just say...when I look back, I see a lot of path traveled! :)

I have found a nature trail very near my home here in Eagle and it has provided me with hours of peace, enjoyment, and reflection on my life; the many blessings, joys, friendship, love and loss… lessons I have learned, still have to learn (oh ya...WAY more later!) I have stories I want to tell, experiences I want to share, amazing people I have had the pleasure of knowing, loving, letting go... and hopefully, I have laughs I want to give you (mostly at my own expense).

I was just wondering, perhaps our paths might cross, and we could share the rest of our journey here in this gift called life?

Because seriously. Isn’t life a TRIP!!?
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