Welcome to the subscription page.

Since we live in a crazy world of technology which is constantly changing, I created up this page to help explain the different ways to subscribe to Seasons on the Path.

Ways to Subscribe

1) Manually
You can occasionally remember to stop on by and manually enter the website address every time you would like to see what's new. The problem with this is that you may forget to check in and therefore miss new posts!

2) Via Email
Sign up to get each new post delivered to your email inbox. Every time Seasons on the Path makes a new post it will automatically be sent to your email.

3) Via RSS
If you follow blogs already (and even if you do not yet), you can follow this blog (and others) via RSS. An RSS feed simply collects all the new posts from all the blogs that you follow and stores them for you. There are many different rss readers out there. RSS readers are a good format to use if you follow many blogs as it will keep all the new and unread blog posts in one spot so that you can read them all on one page (instead of clicking on each and every blog). When you click on the Via RSS link, it will take you to the selection of RSS readers.

4) Via Bloglovin'
Bloglovin is actually an RSS readers as well. However, currently it is not listed with the other RSS readers because it is a bit newer. However, despite being the new kid on the block, it is gaining popularity, especially with those who are switching from Google Reader (which is being terminated in July '13). To get an idea of what Bloglovin' (and many other RSS readers) looks like, check out this photo on the right. As you can see, it has a list of all the new posts that are for me to read. On the right hand side, you can also categorize all the blogs you follow by topics). Again Bloglovin' is just another type of RSS reader but until it gets listed with the other RSS readers, I am listing it separately.

To subscribe to via #2, #3, or #4, just click on the link and it will take you to the sign up page for that method.

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