Thursday, May 23, 2013

Road Trip Funnies and Frustrations

We all know, Roadtrips come with many surprises. Traveling with littles ones, the surprises may be hourly.  For instance, one of my favorite  memories, (from my two year old, tucked in her car seat in the back of the Suburban) " Mommy, I have to go potty".".Mommy I have to go potty" followed by my ridiculous request every time to hold it just a little longer...this went on for about 30 minutes, when we finally reached a rest stop..she happily announced " I don't have to go anymore"..which of course meant we now needed to change her clothes. :)

Now this Roadtrip was recent in my travels, and was just me. Heading back from visiting my Kids and Grandkids in Seattle, I timed my exit perfectly(6:30) to miss Bellevue rush hour, and onto I-90 without incident, or losing my temper. I made if from Woodinville to Sammamish in 25 minutes and feeling quite smug about it all, was even congratulated by God with a beautiful Double Rainbow for my perfect plan of Departure                                                                               

 I set my cruise control (cause oh yaaa...I'm cruisin!) and put in my Favorite Crosby Stills Nash CD. Now as I'm flying along over the pass enjoying the tunes, the beautiful Mountains and trees, I happen to notice a flashing sign that was announcing the top of the pass would be closing in 10 minutes for Blasting, and would remain closed for an hour or so..DRAT! My plan had been foiled, and the rainbow had drizzled away in the relentless rain.

I wasn't about to sit in a line of trucks on the road, (or finally find out what its like to have to use a water bottle for a potty) so I decided to pull off at the pass and get something to eat. Why not. if all else fails, we can always eat to pass the time more pleasantly..right?

 I pull in to a Pancake house with about 6 other cars who apparently had the same idea as mine, which delighted the waiter who had just cleaned his section (and had probably just texted his wife saying he would be home in 10 minutes) was going to close down for the night.

There was already a table of three men finishing up their meal, about 3 booths straight ahead of me. They were probably in their 30's, the one facing me was a good 6'4 I'd say. I placed my order right away deciding on a hamburger and fries cause that's what "Tall guy" was having and it looked good.
I, of course was scrolling on my phone looking at my adorable Grandkids pics and whatnot, eating my fries..sort of oblivious to what was going on around me.

I did notice that the 3 guys had gotten up and were heading towards the exit which was right past my booth..but I didn't need to acknowledge them or smile, cause I was in my "iphone world" you know what I'm talkin about! Suddenly..I was brought back to real life as Tall Guy (seemingly) fell from the sky and with a thud was laid out flat on the floor at the edge of my booth, I couldn't have gotten out if I wanted too, and was too shocked to move. As Tall guy landed, out of his bottom half came a loud and surely unexpected fart, and the top half of Tall guy agreed with whatever was going on with the bottom half and instantaneously, barfed up that beautiful Hamburger he had just enjoyed. Now all the while, his kind buddies were along side him, comforting and assisting the best they could.As I put down my last "enjoyed" bite of burger, I of course asked if he was okay..since I was siting right there looking down at him..He was coming to consciousness, and apologizing and trying to regain his dignity, (trust me, at this point, the poor guy had none), his friends pulled him up to a seated position with his back leaning against my seat.  

Apparently, they had just ridden they're bicycles up the pass and his body did NOT think that burger was a great end to the day! He was so embarrassed, ( hey..we ALL were!!) Poor guy! I just tried to act like it was no big deal and continued eating my fries so he wouldn't think he had ruined my meal, which of course he kinda had. Just before they got him up off the floor to leave, he leaned his head back and said to me with a sheepish grin.." It was nice having dinner with you!"

Our bodies are amazing, miraculous...when we have control of them.

Heres to you tall guy..Ride on!


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