Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dry Creek Path

So..about this path (the literal path)...…

   It is two blocks from my neighborhood and I found it by chance shortly after we moved here to Eagle Idaho.It is hidden by trees at the end of a soccer field, like a treasure, like going through the wardrobe in the book of Narnia, is what it felt like  (and still does) to me when I first followed it.

   It was in October of last year, when I first wandered it with my faithful Black Lab, Chandler. I knew no one here at the time so it was just the two of us. But what I would soon learn, it was traveled by a regular group and their canine companions daily as well.  A rare and wonderful place you can actually let your dogs run free to explore the woods, fields, lake and creek that runs along side. All dogs on this path literally are grinning from ear to ear with their tongues hanging out in the middle!

   As we would greet the same people almost everyday, first for some reason we would learn the dogs names, Chauncy, Forrest, Lucy...then we started remembering the owners names by pairing them with their dogs.

    Some of us haven't combed our hair yet,or brushed our teeth, we most the time have on the same coats, boots sweats we wear of it is..? No one cares!

   Dogs on the path love the excitement of other dogs, chasing squirrels and an occasional fox..but we two legged creatures? We walk this same trail day after day for other reasons. The physical walk of 2 miles is reason enough of course. But we also are breathing in Nature,Beauty Peace, and Faith in the God that  placed it all around us. We see the changing of the Seasons, The Circle of Life if I might borrow a line from The Lion King. The Leaves that turned more amazing colors than are describable, that shone in the Autumn sun in all their glory, then fell one by one to paint the path and carpet the way into Winter, which came with sparkling white branches and the sound of frozen snow under our boots.

    It was such a joy to see Spring unfurl as we walked along, The green that emerged and spread on a daily basis..The birds who inhabit all this beauty go wild with joy! Blackbirds, robins, sparrows, singing their different and beautiful songs, chasing each other through the air, carrying sticks and grasses to build their nests! Two owls that sit up above a large branch Hanging overhead sing their haunting song in the late evening,telling us all to go home and let them have their way with the night.

    There are box turtles who sun themselves in the sand on the edge of the lake, Bullfrogs emerge in the reeds of the marsh, and the two elusive" Stars," a small Red Fox, (whom Ive still yet to see) and a Large Golden Fox who graced me with his beauty two weeks ago (FINALLY!) Everybody had seen him but me. As I wandered past the field of Marsh grass, there he was! He was lying in the deep grass with just his head showing, watching my every move..I froze except to slide my ever present iphone out of my pocket to try for a picture, but as if to say "You cant catch me!" He rose and silently flew gracefully through the soft grass, his beautiful fluffy ringed tail flying behind him, he was gone so fast, I just had time to blink and wonder..Did I just see that??? It made my day! I have also heard there has been a Cougar spotted here ....I'm O.K. with just keeping that one an un-seen legend!

    I truly feel,  that this has been such a blessing in my life right here, right now. A Place to reflect, to talk to The Father, to Listen to Him, To thank Him, for this gift of Life, filled with Love, Joy, sorrow, heartache... to lift up those I love to His Care, and to keep walking on and on the path laid out before me that ultimately will continue around the bend over the bridge and to an Eternal home so beautiful even a visual person like me cant imagine!

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