Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October Love


                                    October passes much too quickly don't you think?

Although the nights have grown cold, the mornings dark, and the fleece sheets pulled up under my chin tempt me to stay cocooned against the morning chill... just a little longer.

But the path, in the first morning light is always calling to me.
(that… and the large head of a Black lab propped next to my face, soft brown eyes watching my every breath until my feet hit the floor.)

Reaching the trail, I am never disappointed.

This particular morning as the sun comes up, the leaves that have been painted with a touch of frost overnight begin to fall all around me with a soft clicking noise. (as if there is not enough beauty for my eyes to behold, my ears get to join in the party too!

Ducks float silently through the mist rising from the pond. The foxes are no where to be seen, perhaps they are still curled up in there den under the covered bridge, more than likely… they are hidden in the tall grass watching me!

Chandler and I turn back as the sun is completely up now, the morning show for today is over.

I'm so grateful, that God made everything in living color! He could have just made everything black and white. Color is a gift, in every season, every day… but October? Who can not love it?!

Back home, we enjoy our morning coffee, and look out the window at all those beautiful leaves… that have fallen… and now need to be cleaned up. We could hope for a wind storm or...

We could invite the grand kids over for cheap labor.

Take time this day to enjoy the many paintings of October, right outside your window because November is coming with its bare tree browns, and it whites of frost and snow...
Which I believe, has beauty all its own!

Don't you just love the changing of the seasons?


  1. You are a woman after my own heart... yes there is beauty in every season... we just have to look for it. Of course that means slowing down long enough to walk in the beautiful world outside our window. Your images are divine... I love the reflection in the pond.

    1. Thank you Carolyn! I enjoy your photos as well! So much beauty to share!

  2. Just stopped by to thank you for your lovely comments on my blog... and ended up sticking around to admire your beautiful photography! You have a created a wonderful spot here :)


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