Saturday, October 19, 2013

Chandelier in the Willow Tree

    (continued from "Where the Willow Tree Grows.")

This beautiful willow tree graces the little farm on Emma Lane.
 As I was sharing with you in part one of this story, it began 30 some years ago when Ric and Bernie stuck two tiny little willow twigs in a bucket of water. The roots filled the bucket, then were placed side by side in the ground, they grew together entwining into one magnificent giant!
At the end of this late summers day, the sun sinks behind the hills painting the sky pink and gold.The long graceful branches dance in the cooling evening breeze, inviting us to come.....

Hearts are glad as we friends bustle about in the kitchens gathering up all the special culinary delights lovingly prepared earlier in the day by Bernie. 
 Fancy trays of strawberries with dip, tiny crackers with Bernie's Mint Jelly, seasonal offerings from the garden, Ric's smoked cheeses...
and SOMEtimes… Bernie makes a fancy tray of tiny bologna sandwiches, on white bread cut in little triangles, crust off… my FAVORITE!
Mind you… I don't eat white bread and my bologna eating days disappeared with my childhood
 but I'm telling you...
 under this tree they seem to be food of the gods!

Last but certainly not least..

The champagne arrives wrapped in ice and shining silver!

We all settle under the tree to enjoy its shelter from the sun and the outside world.
Pleasant conversation among friends blends with the evening calling of the turtle doves and the beginning of the crickets chorus.

The Wrens flit in and out of their gourd birdhouses overhead reminding us...
It is time to add the ethereal glow of
 the Chandelier !

I found there was only ONE way to share the magical glow of a Chandelier in a Willow tree, (and I really wanted to… because after all… how many of you have ever sat under a chandelier in a tree??)

So onto the ground I went.
As I enjoyed the hard work of this particular photo shoot, I realized there was a missing bobeche on our beloved chandelier!
Who says that??
This word makes me laugh out loud every time I say it, or even think of it!! I had to look it up on google to even know how to spell it! It is a French word and is the glass collar that sits beneath the bulb and holds the glass prisms on a chandelier.
Who knew.
I noticed that there was one missing, and it was really bugging me..messing up my flat-on-my-back shots!

Now that YOU see it… it bugs you too, right?
My friend Denise and I agree, we must replace it! We decide to get one for Bernie's Birthday and have it up for our next tree gathering in a few days. Where in the world do you shop for a Bobeche?? (I just put that line in because I wanted to say it one more time .)

 By now, Ric has started a fire in his fire pit with bundles of willow twigs he gathers, ties up with twine and keeps stacked by the barn. (On occasion, he will grill thick steaks over the flame for our dinner!)
The harmonica is brought out, Rick Service Stories are recited,  Old stories are brought back to life, new stories are shared.
 Our laughter rings out over the cooling pastures as time is suspended under the tree, the outside world turning midnight blue.

Under this beloved tree, many have been refreshed and encouraged.
And the laughter, OH my goodness the laughter!!

Tears have been shed, friendships mended,and prayers have filtered up through the knowing branches,who have heard it all, yet hold it all secret. Which must be why Bernie calls it her Secret Garden.


 Our time under the Beloved Willow tree is always perfect.

Except for that ONE night.

(to be continued..."Evening of destruction")

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