Thursday, August 15, 2013

What's to Love About Summer

Being a person who loves to grow things, Summer is of course the frosting on the cake of all my hard labor.

Digging  in the dirt, cheering my little plants on, protecting them from frost, too much rain, too much sun, and rotten bugs and slugs who think my main purpose was to supply them with a salad bar, has once again paid off.  It simply amazes me that beautiful flowers with hundreds of different colors come up out of dirt! And food? How wonderful we can grow our own if circumstances allow!
As many people are finally realizing, homegrown and locally grown are the way to go, our country and our kids would be in a lot better shape if we could get this into everyone's  head!

I have to admit though..the flowers are what thrill me the most, pairing plants with colors that play off each other,colors,textures, to me its  like painting in slow motion.

 (It is always nice to have extra help with the watering.)

Of course there are other favorite things in summer.


Little Plastic Pools filled with little Sunbeams 


Bare Tootsies

Trips to the beach

Stars from the Sea

Yes, indeed. There is much to love about summer.


By the time the Black eyed Susan's are in full bloom come August

I have had enough of the 90 degree heat.

My plants are now lucky if they get a bucket of water thrown on them.

 I no longer have my coffee at six a.m. while dumping salt on the doomed slugs who have not quite made it back under their rocks.

 And my joy of daily dead heading has well..died.

My sweet one hundred tomato plant is proving itself worthy of its husband finds them topping salads, stir fry..everything but his Cheerios's.

The Zucchini...??  Well, it seems to be making its own Miracle Grow and does not care if I show up or not. At this point there is no stopping it!

So this time of year...what I love about summer is...



Yup. I can almost smell that first loaf of Pumpkin bread. I am ready for my favorite Season of all.


How about all of you?

Thank you Lord, for allowing me another Season of Summer and listening to all my ramblings while tending it. I like meeting with you there!

Ecclesiastes 3:1
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.

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